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I Still Do My Job Essay Research

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This paper will describe the case study: ?I Still Do My Job, Don?t I?. I will also take exerts out of the book to describe examples of the decisions making process. This paper will convey the results of my findings as to the way in which I would handle the problem and describe the way in which I thought through the process

Case Study, ?I Still Do My Job Don?t I?

This case study is about employees in a restaurant in Nashville. It appears that the new manager and assistant manager have some internal behavioral problems with employees dating each other. This problem is escalated due to youthfulness of the people and to the parents of the employees being involved. He must now make decisions that will also effect the parents and the work place.

The first question is what decision model should Bob use in this situation. The environment that Bob faces is an uncertain situation due to the complexity and emotions of his people. You can not predict how the decisions will turn out if you are making decisions that have to do with emotions, such as internal dating and brothers and sisters in the work place. The type of decision would be an associative choice. This is primarily due to the chaotic nature of the problem and how he may improve the problem but not solve the situation. This situation will cause Bob to make a behavioral decision. He has uncertain conditions with limited information. He is facing a problem with ambiguous solutions and he has only partial knowledge of the available action and does not know the consequences that will occur after his decision because of the emotions involved.

Bob must remember that a key element to his decision of uncertainty is intuition. Intuition adds the element of personality and spontaneity to his choices. It also offers the potential for creativity and innovation.

After reviewing the chart on page 364, I find the correct decision making process would through the ST, CP, GC, CI and finally the G. The G explains that the manager shares the problem with the subordinates as a total group and engages the group on consensus, seeking to arrive at a final solution. This is one way to handle the problem and could be a good way if the consensus comes out the way he wants it to. I could possibly see the potential of backfiring on him due the lack of maturity of the people involved. This age group may throw him a curve on how they would perceive the situation and how they would correct the problem. This form of decision making allows for the group to help make the decision. This creates a lot of uncertainty for the manager and therefore does not give him complete control of the situation. This would give me a problem but maybe not everyone has the same control characteristics that I have.

The ethical environment that Bob faces is one of the entire staff at the restaurant. He has to consider every employee due to the nature of the problem. He also has brother and sisters, which is suggested by one of the mothers having three kids that work there. The build up point that I am trying to make is that Bob either has created the situation he is in or has walked into it when he was hired. Either way he has a situation that needs to be corrected at the root of the problem, any decision he makes, such as the behavioral decision, will only correct the immediate problem.

Bob needs to repair the ethical nature of the global problem in the restaurant. If the company policy is that he can not have internal relationships, then he must consider bringing the two people into a room and suggest that one of them must leave the organization. He must also consider bringing all the sisters and brothers into the room and let them make the decision of who will go and who will stay. None of the decisions will be popular choices and he must maintain the rules set forth in the company policy. I would not make the decision myself, as there would be a conflict at home as to whom is better than one another. The third one may quit because the mother may get involved and decide none of them should work there because of a harsh boss.

Key issues here are motivation of the existing employees. Bob faces all the gossip about this situation and he must end it soon or the work of all the people will suffer. This will be the only thing on their mind and they will not focus on their jobs.

Bob needs to develop a group norm. He needs to not get into this situation again and only hire competent people. The case study indicates that the store is not breaking even and there is pressure to increase sales. The reason for this maybe is the service and complacency of the people who work there. The reason he is hiring the younger crowd is probably due to the cost of the labor. Older people tend to bring a hire salary range, but may also give him a higher quality of service to the customers.

William demonstrates a manager type of style in the ways he conducts himself. There is no possible way that he could lead in the organization that has been handed to him. He has to first repair the organization as a whole and then focus on leading the people.


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